Registered Name: GOAL Initiative Culture Development Foundation / La fondation développement cult

Business Number: 728797119RR0001

About Us



To promote wellness and empower youth through play.


To launch free prevention programs and bring innovative mental health & wellness approaches to the forefront of youth programming across Canada.

Our Focus:

Programs targeting the people youth/ teens trust and look up to most. These stakeholders need to be better prepared to have honest conversations with young people.

Mental health and wellness approaches based on current research: Young people are smarter than we often give them credit for and they see right through hypocrisy. Even when delivered with the best of intentions, fear-based initiatives that are littered with misinformation often lead to more damage than good.If young people have access to a wide range of activities that keep them healthy, happy, and stimulated they will be less inclined to engage in harmful behaviours.

Prevention programs based in realityYoung people need to understand the relative risks of different behaviours and be prepared to make choices that minimize their risk of death, injury, punishment, and long-term harm.In order to stay safe, young people need to build skills in areas such as critical thinking, communication, self-protection, moderation, and self-efficacy. Building these kinds of skills takes time and can’t be learned from a short drug education course or from viewing a billboard or 20 second public service announcement (PSA).Teens are heavily influenced by the social norms in their environment. Blatantly defying or challenging social norms will not work. It’s important to understand the context young people live in and work within the realms of what’s cool to them.

Program Details:

The GOAL initiatives Foundation will, in collaboration with the Safe Roots Foundation implement mental health, wellness and substance misuse programs within Canada. These programs will:

Be mentor-based positive youth development programs delivered by credible role modelsOffer sports as a healthy alternative to drug and alcohol use Provide tools for a wide range of stakeholders to talk honestly about drug and alcohol safetyWill help people identify the early signs of addiction and intervene effectivelyWill create safe spaces to empower youth and a wide range of stakeholders.Will create safe spaces for conversations about mental health, wellness, addiction, and clean living.

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