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Save a School Guatemala

The Save a School Campaign is raising funds to rebuild classrooms in La Palangana Primary School in El Cedro, Guatemala.

Located 19 km from the Capital, La Palangana was built on donated space, less than 10 years ago.

There is no electricity.

Some of the classrooms are made of iron sheets, so there is leakage when it rains.

The school doesn't have enough space for its 326 students (5 to 12 years old), so they share classrooms and whiteboards.

The government won't help with any improvements. Their support is only payment for teacher's salaries and the school's food program run by the Ministry of Education.

In Guatemala, a high percentage of children only study until 6th grade, when they are considered ready to work.

Primary school is the only education a lot of children might have.

Concerned parents in the community decided to come together and build two classrooms to try to accommodate more students.

They used iron sheets and some wood they collected themselves.

Since none of them is specialized in construction, the rooms are dark and get quite hot. Materials are also in danger of falling.

Studying at a makeshift school can increase mental health issues for youth at any age.

We want to build new classrooms, provide electricity and replace all 326 damaged desks. 

Help children bloom by improving their learning environment. Donate today.

$1,765 raised out of $13,000 goal

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