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COVID-19 Fund

Grace Hospital has now opened a 20-bed COVID-19 In-Patient Unit, to be at the ready in the event of increased hospitalization due to the virus. This new unit, on our fifth floor, has all the patient care amenities and staffing resources that it will need to provide those with COVID-19 with the best care possible. What it does not have are the bedside terminals with phones and TV’s like the rest of the hospital has. This means that these patients, who will not be permitted visitors, will be isolated from the outside world.Building on the success of the iPads we provided to our Intensive Care Unit, we intend to get twenty more iPads (including approved infection control covers), one for each room, for the new COVID-19 Unit. This will allow our patients to stay in touch with their loved ones through FaceTime. It will also provide them with in-room entertainment such as Netflix, to help them pass the time while in isolation.

We also want to initiate regular and ongoing treats for our staff, including free coffee, ice cream and other such well-deserved expressions of gratitude. We will use donations to work with local suppliers to assure staff get some special things in the coming days and weeks.