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Green Calgary


Business Number: 885359158RR0001

Give Funds - Calgary Corporate Challenge

Campaign Ended Sept. 30, 2019

Your donation of $300 will enable us to deliver a hands on environmental program to 10-30 young Calgarians and empower them to take green actions locally! Our programs include:

YYC's Young Citizen Scientists

Our program empowers Calgary youth ages 6 to 18, living in an urban environment, to develop scientific research skills and apply them to observe the changes that are taking place in natural processes and local habitats. Calgary students who participate in our project will develop the skills and motivation to join the citizen science movement from an early age and contribute to the efforts to track and conserve the ecosystems that sustain life in our city.

Water Conservation Programs for Youth

Our water conservation programs take young Calgarians through the water cycle, exploring where our water comes from in the city and how each of us can take action to reduce water consumption, keep toxins out of our waterways and protect aquatic ecosystems.

Waste Reduction Programs for Youth

Our waste reduction programs offer youth the chance to work cooperatively, explore waste reduction and composting and empowers them to take practical action in their daily lives. Students learn about packing a zero waste lunch, avoiding single use plastics, vermicomposting and a whole lot more.

Your donation will support the program that has the highest need at the time.

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