Registered Name: Green Communities Foundation

Business Number: 815264890RR0001

Our Mission

A green and healthy future for all.

About our Charity

All across the country, Green Communities Canada (GCC) member organizations are delivering innovative and results-achieving public education and action programming that enlists local citizens and community leaders to address environmental challenges.

These initiatives, researched and designed with the program development expertise of Green Communities Canada, include:


Via the hard work and enthusiasm of neighbourhood workbees, Depave Paradise seeks to remove the asphalt and concrete of neglected urban spaces and replace them with native plants, trees and shrubs. The hands-on depaving process captures the hearts and energies of local citizens who work together to make their surroundings more liveable. Depave Paradise demonstration projects make permanent positive changes to neighbourhoods and encourage others to consider depaving on their own.


Canada Walks is a series of ongoing initiatives that focus on promoting walking and creating walkable communities. Whether supporting the efforts of children (Active and Safe Routes to School, School Travel Planning) or the greater planning and active transportation community (Walk21 conference, the Walk Friendly Ontario Awards), Canada Walks goal is to improve our health, our environment, and the quality and safety of our communities.

RAIN  - 

Every time it rains a host of bacteria, chemicals, fuels and heavy metals wash off our lawns, driveways, sidewalks and streets, and run straight into our lakes and rivers via the underground storm sewer system. Rain is a  program that teaches individuals and communities the actions they can take to prevent polluted runoff from entering local waterways, ensuring cleaner beaches to swim at, safer water to drink, and more diverse and healthy aquatic ecosystems.


Please support the environmental initiatives of Green Communities Canada. You can do this by donating through our charitable affiliate, the GREEN COMMUNITIES FOUNDATION.

What People Are Saying

"It is very meaningful for me to support Green Communities Canada. The vision it puts forth for our country and our future is one of innovation, vitality, and health. They offer a positive and exciting way to address challenging environmental issues. "

— Jackie Donaldson, former Chair, Green Communities Foundation

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