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Registered Name: Green Learning Canada Foundation

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Give the Gift of Environmental Education

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

More than ever, today's youth need the knowledge and skills to tackle the big challenges of climate change, transitioning to low carbon energy, and creating a clean and green economy.

GreenLearning's programs not only provide youth with these skills and knowledge, but we inspire and support youth to take action to build sustainable, prosperous and resilient communities, starting where they live. 

Our programs provide educators with simple but meaningful materials and fun experiences that engage youth in driving their own learning about important but complex topics. 

Our Programs

: E-cards enables a youth voice in decision-making and policy development. Youth create an info-packed e-card about an environmental issue and email it to family, friends and decision-makers.

Energy Revealed
: Youth explore how to make their schools more energy efficient by gathering baseline data on energy consumption at school using innovative technologies, and undertaking actions to achieve energy savings.

Using interactive tools to assess their school’s flood preparedness, Flood:Ed helps students understand the impact of flooding and prepare for a flood event at home and school.

Lending a Hand
: Students engage in critical thinking and collaboration while learning about microfinance, connecting to experts and becoming lenders as they select borrowers from around the world and witness the impact of their lending activities.

Make a Splash!: Everything from water quality and water levels in lakes to the length of the outdoor skating season is changing. Students explore how climate change is affecting freshwater recreation, brainstorm solutions and take action.

Re-Energy: Youth become clean tech engineers building working models of renewable energy technology – solar, wind, water and biogas as well as electric vehicles and energy storage.

Over 485,000 educators have used GreenLearning's resources since 2010!

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