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One Last Chance Rescue

Registered Name: Groupe de Sauvetage Animal One last Chance One Last Chance Animal Rescue Team

Business Number: 739423697RR0001

Costa Rica Mission

Campaign Ended Nov. 30, 2018


In a country of 5 million people, there are more than 2 MILLION stray dogs. Rib-thin, diseased, unsterilized. Help us bring relief to the rescues trying so desperately to improve their quality of life. One Last Chance Rescue will be heading to Costa Rica this coming December and is currently collecting donations which will be used towards tick and heartworms treatment, vet care, food and shelter. 

2013: 1,000,000 strays (National Animal Health Service)

2015: 2,000,000 strays (Asociación de Rescate Animal)


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