Habitat Acquisition Trust


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Our Mission

Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) is Victoria's local land trust. HAT helps people understand and care for natural environments. 

About Habitat Acquisition Trust

Make everyone part of the solution! 

Established in 1996, HAT's mandate is to protect natural environments on southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, a spectacular part of Canada on the Northwest Coast. Here the warm, mild climate is home to rare species and habitats that cannot be found elsewhere in Canada - and some of these ecosystems and species are the most endangered in the country. An increasing number of BC's threatened and endangered species occur in the region, which also has a larger than average amount of BC's private lands.

HAT's focus species at risk include:

  • Endangered Western Painted Turtle
  • Endangered Western Screech Owl
  • Endangered Sharp-tailed Snake
  • Endangered Blue-grey Taildropper Slug
  • All regional bat species

Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) works to enhance habitat protection on public and private land in partnership with governments, non-profit organizations, communities, schools and individual landowners.

HAT works to protect land permanently through:

  • Land acquisition through purchase or donation,
  • Conservation covenants, and
  • Education & stewardship.

Thank you for supporting local conservation efforts in the Victoria area!

What People Are Saying

"Thank you for a very informative tour of my property. It made me aware of so much more than I had known previously. I shall continue to try to be a good steward! I am enclosing a cheque to help support your efforts. Thank you!"

— Brian B. - HAT Habitat Steward.

"It’s important to me the land stay safe for the animals. It’s well worth the money. I’d be very very happy to be an example for people on this. I don’t know how else land will be saved. It’s up to us to save it."

— Nancy Powell, landowner speaking about HAT Conservation Covenants, Read More

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