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Habitat Acquisition Trust


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Adopt A Bat this Holiday Season

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2019

With love and tenderness in the air this holiday season, we are offering the opportunity to Adopt a Bat with HAT. You can help our wildlife in need, give a gift to nature and to a loved one.

Note: This is a symbolic adoption, you will not receive a live bat. They like their habitats wild! We do not recommend handling wild bats as this may result in a "love bite".

With only $30 you can make a difference in the lives of local wildlife - and bring a smile to someone dear.

When you adopt a bat, your symbolic gift will help us to improve the situation of wildlife who need it most - like the bats that require boxes, trees, and other habitat to raise their babies and to call home sweet home.

You are supporting us to protect and improve the habitats of the creatures you know and love - bats!

Your gift is extremely important - it offers immediate resources directed to current needs of these vulnerable species and their habitats at risk of disappearing.

Every living thing requires a home, but habitat for our fuzzy little bats is rapidly disappearing, as human demands on the land increase, and available wildlife trees and healthily functioning ecosystems diminish. Bats do so much for us in terms of pest control, producing fertilizer, and showcasing their brilliant acrobatics at dusk, so yours is a gift that gives and gives!

That is why your help is critical to the survival of local wildlife, to provide the tools to protect and restore nature, to enhance and protect available habitat, and to teach future generations about the importance of nature. 

Together we can ensure these species get the urgent support they need. 

These funds will go towards the Habitat Stewardship Program - that will protect and enhance habitats for bats in need, support research that helps us better understand their needs, and provide a safe and secure place for them to live.

Note: We cannot guarantee arrival of adoption certificate by Dec 25th as it is subject to Canada Post delivery.

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