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Habitat for Humanity Fredericton Area Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization working towards a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. Habitat is making a difference – one house, one family and one volunteer at a time.

Our territory covers the Fredericton area, western and northern New Brunswick. This allows us to proudly serve many families throughout New Brunswick

Your support makes it possible for us to build safe, decent, affordable homes for low-income families in need throughout our territory.

Building Homes. Building HOPE.

What People Are Saying

"I left an abusive marriage with 2 kids & $40 in my pocket. I lived in homes not fit for animals. But then God blessed me with the help I desperately needed - and Habitat Fredericton is top on the list. Thank you for your grace in the times I stumbled & the hand to help me back up "

— Wendy, Habitat Fredericton Partner Family

"We didn’t just get a home. We got a fresh start, a new beginning, a sense of freedom. I am happier, less stressed, more confident. I love our home, our community and I like the person I am becoming. I am so grateful."

— Angela, Habitat Fredericton Partner Family

"This is the most wonderful life we could have ever dreamed. This home gives our children a vision of what life should be like which gives them something to strive for. Our lives have changed so dramatically now and it is all thanks to Habitat for Humanity."

— Doug, Habitat Fredericton Partner Family

"Breeding hope in a place where many feel hopeless is a contagious thing. Working with Habitat allowed us to breed a little hope. Our time with Habitat showed us that we can work together to make a difference. It may seem like a small effort or change to us, but it can have a big impact to others "

— Jessica Holmes, Habitat Fredericton Volunteer

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