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Cornwall 2020 Home Build

Campaign Ends Dec. 30, 2020

Please Note:

Habitat Cornwall’s 2020 Home Build Project is being revamped to ensure we are able to still serve local families.

As soon as we have more information, we will post updates here!

Thank you for your continuing support.


Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties is undertaking a "Double Build" for the first time ever in 2020! The 2020 project will serve two local families, the Ortiz family and the Leaf family, who have a combined 9 children.

The Ortiz family is coming from overcrowded and unsafe conditions. David and Marta Ortiz’s current rental home is not large enough to house their 4 growing children - Yannick, David, Kevin and Chelsea. In addition to crowding, the Ortiz home has insulation issues and potential structural concerns. The family has partnered with Habitat Cornwall and have already volunteered many hours to date, including volunteering on the 2019 Build, in preparation for their new home ownership opportunity.

The Leaf family is facing overcrowding, safety and privacy issues in their current residence. Their crowded neighbourhood experiences frequent thefts, lacks privacy and the space needed for them to raise their children together. Owen and Chelsey have already logged numerous volunteer hours with Habitat that will go towards their 2020 Home Build. Owen helped build a Habitat home several years ago when he was a student with the St. Lawrence College carpentry program. Owen and Chelsey both also volunteered on the 2019 Build. The Leafs are excited to be a 2020 Partner Family and work with Habitat to achieve their dream of affordable home ownership.

These working families have help others in the community, and now it is their turn to be helped by their community.

Building Homes Is What We Do. Building Relationships Is How We Do It!

Your assistance in helping Habitat Cornwall & The Counties to build more affordable housing ultimately leads to healthier and more productive communities.  As a family's financial situation improves, their dependence on social services decreases and they are better able to contribute to the community and local economy.  Housing that is affordable and adequate leads to better outcomes for families in the areas of health, education and emotional well-being.  Good housing in communities attracts economic investment and contributes to thriving schools and community organizations.

Outcomes of Safe and Affordable Home Ownership

Statistics collected from Habitat for Humanity Canada identify:

  • 54 % of children’s behavior improved
  • 41% of children’s grades improved
  • 34% of parents get better paying jobs
  • 23% of parents go back to school

Big results start with a plan

At Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties we’ve experienced first-hand how addressing the housing needs of just one family has the power to uplift an entire community.

A house is built with bricks and mortar, built to withstand nature and the test of time.  A home is something we make, created to withstand the challenges we face, a safe and warm environment to raise our children, celebrate with our friends and family, a reflection of ourselves and our commitments to our community.

Supporting Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties helps break the cycle of poverty and builds stronger communities


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