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Dundas County Home Build (Pinard Family)

Campaign Ends Sept. 1, 2018

Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties is excited to begin our next Dundas Project.

Our Dundas Partner Family is a young, vibrant family that deserves a hand up. Parents Sarah and Alex, along with their three young children, Owen, Avery and Jonah have experienced difficulty first hand and currently live in a home that does not serve their needs. Baby Jonah’s crib is kept in his parent’s bedroom due to overcrowding. By providing each of the children with their own bedroom – their own space – Owen, Avery and Jonah will be able to thrive in school and other activities. Alex and Sarah both work in the community and being able to own a home in Dundas will help them make an even greater impact. There is currently little to no room for the whole family to sit around their kitchen table at dinner time due to the cramped quarters.

Alex and Sarah are consistently putting their own money into renovations in their current rental property to provide the best possible home for their children. Unfortunately, this is not a viable long-term solution. Home ownership with Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties would see this family in a safe, affordable new home that will finally give them the peace of mind and security that they deserve.

This is a hard working family that aims to help others throughout the community as often as possible. Now it is their turn to be helped by their community.

The first phase of any Habitat build project is to identify our Partner Family. Now that we have completed the identification process, Sarah and Alex along with their children will begin their sweat equity hours. In part, this time will be spent fundraising with the Habitat Team to help offset the cost of building this home. In 2017, to ensure our Partner Family had ample time to complete their hours and not strain their resources, the project focused on fundraising and community involvement.  On April 30th, 2018, Habitat broke ground in the village of Williamsburg. This celebration marked the beginning of our ability to offer our community partners and donors even more visibility. The new home will be built on a quiet, safe street where our Partner Family will be able to flourish. Over the course of the summer, our community will come together to build this house and make it a home.


Building Homes Is What We Do. Building Relationships Is How We Do It!

Your investment with Habitat Cornwall & The Counties to build more affordable housing ultimately leads to healthier and more productive communities.  As a family's financial situation improves, their dependence on social services decreases and they are better able to contribute to the community and local economy.  Housing that is affordable and adequate leads to better outcomes for families in the areas of health, education and emotional wellbeing.  Good housing in communities attracts economic investment and contributes to thriving schools and community organizations.

Recognition is an integral piece of partnering with Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties. Habitat is not only an easily recognized international brand; our local impacts are well known and positive. Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties is excited to partner with your company or organization to increase your brand recognition on a scale that is beneficial to all parties involved.


Outcomes of Safe and Affordable Home Ownership

Statistics collected from Habitat for Humanity Canada identify:

  • 54 % of children’s behavior improved
  • 41% of children’s grades improved
  • 34% of parents get better paying jobs
  • 23% of parents go back to school

Big results start with a plan

At Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties we’ve experienced first-hand how addressing the housing needs of just one family has the power to uplift an entire community.

A house is built with bricks and mortar, built to withstand nature and the test of time.  A home is something we make, created to withstand the challenges we face, a safe and warm environment to raise our children, celebrate with our friends and family, a reflection of ourselves and our commitments to our community.

An investment in Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties helps break the cycle of poverty and builds stronger communities


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