Adapted apartment

Registered Name: Habitations Hestia

Business Number: 816675193RR0001

What’s Habitations Hestia?

L’Association des personnes handicapées de la MRC de Coaticook (APHC +), born in 1996, meets the needs of the disabled. Their mandate is to promote their interests and defend their rights. This organization oversees the project Habitations Hestia. In April 2014, is the creation of Habitations Hestia. Their mission is to provide affordable housing and related installations adapted to the benefits of people with physical and intellectual limitations, and then people who have or have had mental health problems or loss of autonomy for promote independence, stability and social inclusion.

In addition, we want to : promote community life within the building and the management of the life of the medium by its tenants; break isolation; improve their living conditions; negotiate partnerships with government and community organizations to provide services to users of the organization; work with private and public organizations; develop therapeutic activities; be a place of affiliation and belonging that helps maintain housing; create an environment that contributes to the establishment of a positive social network, and offer guidance and support to enhance the ability to live independently housing.

The project and services

Here community support services currently provided and defined :

individual coaching (management of the lease, development of human capacities with public services); crisis intervention; management of conflicts between tenants; small group activities; community projects; Community Kitchen; animation of the living environment (management of the code of life, committees) and workshops on relationships, self-esteem.

Social utility project

The study on community housing in the MRC of Coaticook, conducted in June 2013, shows that very few homes are suitable for people with a disability. For some, this is a challenge to stay here because people are concerned, in most cases, with low-income. Some units are partially adapted in Coaticook, especially two homes in the Coopérative d'Habitation des Pins, but rents are too high or the ability to pay of these people. The life project of Habitations Hestia is in the spirit of the right to housing and the law ensuring the rights of disabled people for achieving scholar, professional and social integration. It is well suited to provide housing for all types of physical and intellectual limitations.

Where will your contributions

In June 2016, Habitations Hestia foresees the start of construction of the housing project, to be located near the center of Coaticook. Your donations will help the first phase of the project which totals 20 new apartments suitable 31/2 and 41/2 rooms in a building.

Donations will help the construction of this green building. The funding will help build a place to recharge and wash four-carrier, a common room and the future offices of the Association of Disabled Persons of the MRC of Coaticook. Thus, the APHC+ will be able to assume the administration of the building.

The money raised will also go into the purchase of various building components for housing (counter, shower, toilet, wider door frames, ramps, power doors, etc.) suitable for the disabled. Pictures attached to the project show a good example of what will be done in our homes.

Why $ 30,000 goal?

It's just the amount missing that Houses Hestia needs as contribution of the medium amount required by the Société d'Habitation du Québec (SHQ). 


Help us realize our dream! Your donation is actually an investment in the company that will really make a difference in this beautiful project. Every day we see men and valiant women who, despite some taboos, decided to take charge and want a better life. This project will give them a feeling of being someone important.

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