Halifax Christian Academy


Business Number: 107461170RR0001

Our Vision

Transforming lives through dynamic Christ-centered education and discipleship.

Our Mission

We equip students to develop a love for learning and an unshakeable faith. We glorify Jesus by creating a community that positively impacts others through our service.

About Halifax Christian Academy

At Halifax Christian Academy, we are boldly entering a new chapter, armed with a new Vision and Mission which God graciously led us to in the summer of 2017.  We exist to EDUCATE and DISCIPLE your students in accordance with the command of Proverbs 22:6 which exhorts us to “train up a child in the way they should go” so that “when they grow old they will not depart from it.”  Amen. 
After 40 years of operations, most organizations are in need of a new direction, a new breath of fresh air, a new focus for a new generation.  This world and country have certainly changed in 40 years.....so we are adapting too.   What we AREN’T doing is compromising on teaching all curriculum with a CHIRSTIAN WORLDVIEW, we also aren’t departing from the truth of the HOLY WORD.   We ARE fostering an attitude of PRAYER, a culture of DISCIPLESHIP (where Discipleship is not kept in a “box” like Chapel, Bible Study, Morning Devotions, etc.) but rather where DISCIPLESHIP is the essence of everything that we do.  Are we perfect?  No.  But are we COMMITTED to our calling.....YES WE ARE. 
At HCA we;
  • partner with parents (as the lead teachers and disciplers of their own children)
  • partner with pastors and churches (as the spiritual authority a family is submitted to)
  • have a highly qualified and experienced team of teachers who love on, nurture, teach and disciple our students
  • consider true discipleship to only be successful if it nurtures both Mind and Soul....thus we strive for excellence in both academic AND spiritual growth
  • are committed to using the 1200 hours per year we have with the students for HIS GLORY, by making Spiritual Transformation the ultimate measure of our success....fostering an environment where students discover and develop their OWN deep personal relationship with Christ
  • are committed to operate in accordance with our core values : Accountability, Love, Balance, Communication, Biblical Truth, Diligence, Excellence, and Integrity
  • are significantly more affordable than the average private school in HRM
  • developing strong partnerships with Churches and Corporations that are excited to strengthen HCA in order to maximize our opportunity to impact and transform lives
  • are making it EASIER to partner with us, for your families benefit, by introducing a multitude of NEW programs which decrease the financial investment you are making, and reducing practical challenges like travel times.

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