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Halton Alive

Registered Name: HALTON PRO-LIFE

Business Number: 118951318RR0001

Candy Canes for Life 2017

Campaign Ended Jan. 31, 2018

Every year in Canada, approximately 100,000 children's lives are lost to abortion.

Those lives have value. Women deserve better care.

Christmas is a time of celebration and joy but for many people it is also a time when they are reminded of loved ones who have passed. Every year there are 100,000 abortions in Canada. That is 100,000 living human being lives destroyed and their parents and families left to grieve silently.

Abortion is often considered a taboo topic but at Halton Alive we are not afraid to say that those lives have value. REAL empowerment tells a woman she CAN do it. She IS capable of giving life and love to her child even when they are "unplanned". We are prepared to walk alongside her with love and compassion. We understand it isn't always easy and life doesn't always give us ideal circumstances but that is why there is an entire community of support and resources to help choose life!

Will you join us in helping women and their children?

Are you willing to learn more about the facts about abortion in our country and extend a helping hand? 

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