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Hamilton Children's Choir


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Campaign Ended June 30, 2018

The Hamilton Children's Choir is still shy of its tour fundraising goal and is asking for a helping hand.

The HCC Ilumini Choir is headed to Newfoundland, St. Johns & Corner Brook, to perform as a showcase choir at both PODIUM, Canada's bi-annual National Choral Conference and the Gros Morne Music Festival from June 28 to July 7, 2018.

A donation from you will help with the costs of meals ($50 per chorister per day), university residence accommodations ($75 per night), and school bus transportation ($200 per day) to get choristers to rehearsals and performances.

Your donation is a strategic investment in local youth.  Why?  Touring boosts self-confidence, broadens self awareness, builds connections, reinforces the value of teamwork, enhances one's ability to adapt to new & difference situations, and offers new musical learning experiences.  All valuable life skills that positively contribute the development of a young person.

Your support can make a difference!

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