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Pedro's Emergency Vet Care and Surgery

Sweet Pedro the cat came to live at our sanctuary last year after his caregivers moved away and couldn't take him. He was a barn cat and had bonded with a pot belly pig named Nelly. We took in both animals. It was very clear that Pedro was not content to live in the barn. He was a house cat! He now lives with five other felines, two dogs, a house duck and a family of humans indoors. Here is Pedro and Nelly's story on the Dodo!

When Pedro arrived we noticed he had a limp. As it turned out he had osteosarcoma, or cancer in the bone. We had no idea of his age, but he appeared young and happy and vibrant. To save his life we had to amputate his front leg. Pedro was a trooper and adapted quickly and is extremely loving and active.

In January this poor boy started peeing blood. We rushed to the vet and he was treated for a urinary infection. He had 10 days worth of antibiotics. After the antibiotics were finished he still was not acting right. We took him back and he still had an infection. We did another 10 days of a different antibiotic. We then took  him back for testing. While the infection had cleared, the xrays showed that he had a lot of sludge in his bladder, crystals, but no stones. We changed his food (all the cats switched) to the vet medicated urinary formulated food. We were told to watch him.

Of February 15 Pedro started screaming while laying beside the litter box. Our vet had closed for the evening so we rushed to the emergency pet hospital. Sure enough Pedro had a urinary blockage. This is life threatening and can cause death within 24 hours.

The emergency vet sedated Pedro and put in a catheter. She told us it was the most difficult catheter she has had to do in the last several years. There was just so much sludge in his urethra.  She advised that he has a high chance of blocking again and that surgery will likely be the only other option. She allowed us to bring Pedro home for the night as long as we could monitor him. She advised we have him at his regular vet at 8:00 a.m. when they opened and sent over his records from the procedure she performed.

The next morning Pedro tried to pass urine but only passed a few drops of blood.

We rushed Pedro to his regular vet at 8 AM when they opened. Pedro was blocked again. They tried to manually express urine but it didn’t work. Pedro needed another catheter and spent the night at our wonderful vet.  On Saturday February 17th Pedro went back to the emergency vet clinic as our regular vet closed at noon. Being that it’s a long weekend, Pedro needs to be medically supervised so he must be at the emergency hospital. They put in a new IV, and kept him overnight.  As of this morning, Pedro passed a little urine! And the good news is it wasn’t just blood and sludge! It was a little clearer. As of today, February 17, we need to wait and see if he’s able to pass more urine. If he is able to pass urine, he may be able to come home tonight. It’s a very tricky situation because if you leave the catheter in too long it can cause a lot of swelling and damage and scar tissue. If you take it out too soon he can block again. We were told that if this was successful we may not have to consider the PU surgery.  Pedro may or may not need to spend another night in the emergency vet clinic. If he does it will likely cost another $800-$1000. 

As of February 17 Pedro's vet bill for this specific issue are $2200.00. This does not count the cost of the medicated food. Today after the emergency vet was an additional $2507.95. He still requires surgery.

 In the end, Pedro needed the surgery because he was in a life or death situation. We felt we had already come so far, and he had already gone through so much, we decided to go through with the surgery. As of February 24, 2018 Pedro is three days postop. He seems to be healing well.   The final cost for Pedro‘s emergency vet care and surgery was $5436.46. 

We created this campaign for anyone interested in donating toward this boy's care. He is loving and deserving and just the most wonderful boy. As a registered charity you will receive a tax receipt for your donation. Every single dollar helps.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Pedro and Family

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