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Tom's Place (New Barn and Yard)

Comfort, safety and quality of life is paramount in providing sanctuary to our animals, many who've spent a lifetime of cruelty, neglect and abandonment. It seems almost every day we are contacted to take in animals in need. We currently offer sanctuary to more than 65 pigs, sheep, goats, turkeys, ducks, chickens, cats and dogs. In the spring two sweet alpaca's will be joining our farm family.

Thomas is a Yorkshire pig and a true Charlotte's Web story. As the runt of the litter Thomas was discarded and his death was imminent. At the last moment he was saved and we were happy to provide him the sanctuary that he very much deserves. Now at more than 650 lbs. Thomas needs more room! 

We will be building a new barn and barnyard for Thomas and friends, to which we will aptly name Tom's Place. This will give Thomas the room he needs, a new barnyard in the forest with a secure fence to keep him occupied and safe, and allow us to offer sanctuary to more big farm pigs like Thomas. Having Thomas move out of the main barn will open up space inside for more potbelly pigs looking for sanctuary.

This is a big job and we can't do it without you! This past year we fenced approximately 100 feet in our upper barn yard at a cost of $3200. Our closest city is nicknamed 'the Limestone City' because much of our land is covered in limestone which can make drilling fence holes difficult and expensive. Strong fencing is vital with pigs. They are smart and determined animals, many who are as masterful as the great Houdini at escaping! The new fencing will cover a larger area and is estimated to cost approximately $6500.

At Happy Tails Farm we aim to not only give the best care to our animals as possible, but to also bring our community together to learn about these incredible creatures. Often farm animals are forgotten and Fido and Kitty Cat get all the attention. We try to help others to open up their circle of compassion to include all animals. Education is key to a kinder world and a healthier planet!

As a registered charity we are able to provide income tax receipts for all donations! Please know that every single dollar will help us reach our goal. 

From Thomas, and all of us here at Happy Tails Farm, thank you for your support!

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