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Haiti: Emergency Response

Registered Name: Health Partners International of Canada/Partenaires canadiens pour la santé internationale

Business No: 119031524RR0001

Haiti: Emergency Response

HPIC is working to respond to ongoing and urgent medical needs in Haiti. 

Since February this year, the political instability and gang violence in the country has continued to escalate, reaching unprecedented levels. Over 560,000 people are internally displaced, and more than 2,500 people have been killed.  

There is immense suffering and an urgent need for access to healthcare, food, water, psychological support, and hygiene facilities. 

HPIC works with local partners, health facilities and governments to act quickly and provide essential health services for people who have lost everything. We are currently working to mobilize a shipment of Humanitarian Medical Kits (HMKs) to our partners on the ground for immediate distribution. We ask the community across Canada to help HPIC with these efforts that will give health and renewed hope for people in Haiti.