Registered Name: HEART NIAGARA INC.

Business Number: 107473316RR0001

Our Mission

Heart Niagara's mandate is to empower people in our community to take control of their heart health. Fourteen programs and services are delivered across Niagara including CPR and AED training, diagnostic services, Healthy Daily Living, and the Healthy Heart Schools' Program.

Heart Niagara supports CPR and AED training to over 10,000 Niagarians annually. Heart Niagara has assisted in the placement of over 270 automatic external defibrillators in Niagara. Early CPR and access to an AED is an integral part of providing lifesaving aid to people suffering sudden cardiac arrest.

Heart Niagara is responding to an urgent need for obesity prevention, recognition, identification and treatment strategies. Promoting healthy eating, physical activity and smoke free living. The Healthy Heart Schools’ Program provides disease prevention education and collects data for research. The Program includes AED and CPR training, personal assessment of fitness, lifestyles questionnaire, body and blood pressure measurements, and, cholesterol testing. Our partnership with Toronto Sick Kids Hospital has increased Heart Niagara’s ability to engage in research and respond to the obesity epidemic with evidence based high quality programs. The program reaches over 7,000 adolescents in Niagara every year.

The HEART Project provides fact sheets, brochures, and other educational materials on heart disease prevention, risk reduction and responding in case of emergency. Researching data and providing analyze on nutritional barriers to success and publicize the need for primary prevention and the value of healthy diet changes.

Heart Niagara is currently strengthening partnership to support the development of the Heart Niagara Research Institute.

All dollars raised are used to fund programs and promote heart health within Niagara region. All research is done to benefit Canadians.

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Heart Niagara's Healthy Heart Schools' Program is...

Good for students - Focusing on the development of physical and health literacy enabling students to thrive in an ever-changing world, making good decisions for their personal health and wellbeing.

Good for education - Bringing schools and communities together in support of a common goal addresses social, physical, and developmental aspects of learning.

Good for communities- Strengthening the role of schools as a hub for healthy active living by engaging public health, sport, recreation, parents to get involved. Strengthening connections to impact student health and learning

Good for the health of Ontario - Addressing the emerging health agenda; healthy eating, physical activity, community preparedness, and positive choice in an integrated holistic way.

For a list of publications, see our website the LinkedIn profile of Karen Stearne, executive director of HNI:


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