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Heart Transplant Home Society

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CAMPAIGN Objective $15000.00

While someone waits for a heart transplant, they have to give up many things including, often, their job. When they get the call for transplant, they need to have a place to live in Vancouver for their immediate post-transplant hospital follow-up. This can be a huge challenge, and extremely stressful. With your help, they have a place to stay, and a lot less stress.

What can you give up for one month to help fund temporary housing for out-of-town heart transplant recipients?

Give up something small, and make a BIG difference.

It’s easy to GIVE IT UP for the Heart Transplant Home Society.              And every dollar helps!

   >  Click Join as an Individual above to register for Give It Up.  (Note, there is no team entry avaliable.)

   >  Use GIU Firstname Lastname, or something else unique to you, for the Page Title field.

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Decide what you are going to give up. It can be wine, chocolate, eating out, that daily coffee, driving to work, using social media (except your fundraising page of course!). The choices are endless and you get to choose. You can even take your loose change at the end of each day and put it in a jar to donate.

Donate the money you would normally spend on your chosen item or task to the Heart Transplant Home Society (HTHS). You can donate daily, weekly, or give it all at once.

Challenge your friends, family, and co-workers to see which of you can raise the most over the month. Or ask them to sponsor you for the month.

Can’t actually give it up? Just calculate the amount of money you spend on that item or task over a month and donate it to HTHS.

All money raised goes toward providing two homes for those in BC who need temporarily to relocate to Vancouver to receive a life-saving heart transplant. The security of these homes alleviates the stress of finding affordable housing at an already very difficult time.

Register now, and get ready to Give It Up November 1-30, 2018.

For information on the Heart Transplant Home Society, visit our website at