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Affordable Housing should be for EVERYONE

Registered Name: HEARTWOOD PLACE

Business No: 866004419RR0001

Affordable Housing should be for EVERYONE

Heartwood Place continues to provide safe, affordable, and well-maintained housing for our communities.

The gap between the middle class and working poor is widening, the state of the global economy and the pressures of housing demands are huge contributors to the current housing crisis, coupled with the challenges that developers and the Government have, to implement and execute affordable housing initiatives. Such a big challenge that few people have the answers to, Heartwood Place is here to provide solutions to these serious issues. 

We do not accomplish this alone, it is with the continued financial support of our municipal and regional governments and along side our community friends, such as United Way.

We are also fortunate to be supported within the communities themselves with financial contributions from private donors.

 As a donor, you are not only sharing in the reward of making a home possible for those who can not afford the rising costs. You are also part of making the difference in an individual or family’s lives.

Having a safe affordable home, provides people with a sense of security and confidence. A sense of belonging to a community, it is fulfilling, and empowering. This is the foundation for better health and positive lifestyle changes. It is with this strength that people thrive and contribute to the building of an enriched community.

Heartwood Place will continue to welcome and offer a community environment that is inclusive of all backgrounds and beliefs. We want to build on existing stock to meet the emerging community needs. We need continued financial support to bring our mission of providing,

 “MORE AFFORDABLE HOUSING” into the community.

Private donations will directly impact the financial strain of material, labour, and insurance costs. This is a continued obstacle in maintaining our aging buildings and providing the basic human right, to a home!

Monetary donations as small as $50.00 will not only help us to achieve our goal to maintain affordable housing but help grow the number of available units to our communities.

Imagine knowing your contribution was part of offering an individual or family an opportunity they may not otherwise have, a brand-new home!!