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PPSP Fundraiser - Menstrual Care Kits

Registered Name: Help A Girl Out

Business No: 736051517RR0001

PPSP Fundraiser - Menstrual Care Kits

"I never imagined that something as natural as my period would become such a source of shame and struggle. There were days when I had to choose between lunch or period products, and the humiliation of not having what I needed was overwhelming. Your support means the world to me—it’s not just about providing products, it’s about giving me my dignity back." - Ashley, Engineering Student

Help a Girl Out is running a donation drive to subsidize the shipping costs of our Period Product Support Program (PPSP).

This program provides a 3-month supply kit with menstrual products of choice to individuals, like Ashley, in need across Canada. We need your help to keep up with the growing demand and continue supporting individuals, schools, shelters, refugees, and new immigrants with basic dignity.

Each kit costs $10-15 to ship, and we support over 6,000 people per year. Your generous donation will ensure that we can continue to deliver these essential products to those who need them most.

Thank you for helping us maintain the dignity and health of individuals across the nation.