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Weapons violence

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Antipersonnel landmines are explosive devices designed to injure or kill people.

They are placed under, on or near the ground, where they lie hidden for years or even decades until a person or an animal sets them off.

Landmines wound and kill wound indiscriminately, posing a severe risk to civilian populations, peacekeepers and aid workers—sometimes decades after a conflict has ended.

The vast majority of landmine victims are civilians

Year after year, Landmine Monitor reports that civilians account for 70 to 85 percent of casualties. Landmines are still killing and maiming ordinary people every day. This is not just during a conflict–most of the countries where casualties are reported are no longer at war.

Thanks to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, landmine use has dropped dramatically in recent years. While some countries are still producing them, the global trade has almost entirely halted. However, more than 75 countries and territories are essentially polluted by landmines and/or explosive remnants of war. The weapon poses a significant and lasting threat to communities living in contaminated areas.

Antipersonnel landmines were used systematically in international and internal conflicts from the Second World War onwards. 

Our deminers are commited to clear all the polluted fields they encounter in the countries we're in.

They are our true humble heroes. 

Your contribution to help us providing a secure demining outfit for them will make a difference.

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