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Support for Young Mothers and Children during COVID-19

Please donate to Highbanks Society's essential work to keep our young mothers and their children sheltered and supported during this time of crisis, uncertainty and increased demand. Your support will go to critical goods and services required to keep our clients safe.

The Highbanks Society program addresses the need of parenting young women between the ages of 16-24 years of age.  We provide long-term, safe, and affordable housing with an integrated care service delivery of supports for our young families. Programs focus on developing a variety of skills to help deepen resiliency and create independence.  We acknowledge the difficulty of youth as single parents and the social isolation that can contribute to ongoing mental health and physical health conditions.  We seek to provide security, stability and eliminate any barriers to growth. While young Mothers are required to attend school full-time, our individualized planning and goal setting helps our client/residents visualize and achieve a future of safety, security, joy and contribution.  We see the potential in each person to discover and grow. While each resident ultimately navigates her own path to success, Highbanks provides a safe and supportive community to guide young mothers on their learning journey.

The following integrated services will continue to be provided during the funding period:

  1. Parenting & Child Development: weekly parenting sessions and child development assessments.
  2. Identifying & eliminating social isolation and stigma of youth parenting: our Registered Psychologist sessions and therapy; case management and goal planning; goals measured and tracked.
  3. Deepening resilience and confidence. Creating a supportive empowering program focused on deepening resilience and confidence: our Family Support Program Lead to contact each individual weekly; parenting coaching and life skill programming incorporated into weekly sessions.
  4. Support for completion of educational and career goals: career planning and coaching; support with research of educational paths & funding streams; technical support; child activity support while continuing education virtually and in isolation.
  5. Proactive mental health services: weekly therapy with a Registered Psychologist available to support young mothers to navigate through trauma, systemic abuse, toxic stress, addictions, and parent attachment.
  6. Basic Needs Procurement: referrals for food supply and donations, prescription pick up, referrals for health benefits, application for social supports, financial and tax assistance.
  7. Strengthen Culture and Connections: approximately 80% of our clients identify as Indigenous, and we are developing opportunities to connect to culture and ceremony.