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Turning Pain Into Power

Chris McBain's fundraiser supporting HIV NETWORK OF EDMONTON SOCIETY (HIV EDMONTON) in AIDS Walk & Superhero Run

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Campaign Ends Sept. 30, 2017

In 2012 I was sexually assaulted and as a result now live with HIV. Up until a year ago my life had been a disaster since the diagnosis: addiction, depression, etc. I was caught in a cycle of blaming the offender and the life circumstance I had found myself in.

Through various resources (medical, spiritual, educational, etc.) I was able to find a road to healing and recovery. Instead of what my circumstance and offender has done to me I'm in a place to say what it has done for me.

That's why I'm walking this year.  That's why I'm going to raise $5000.00. I want to shine a light on this issue and make resources available for hurting people so they to can find a hand for them that was there for me.

Be a light in someone's life.

1) You get to be a world changer. 

2) your donation over $20 is tax deductible and with a return of your donation of up to 50% on charitable donations (and to such a worthy cause) this is a great umbrella to invest your money for future giving.

3) What you appreciate appreciates - and so believing that there's lots to go around and living in abundance you create that energy for yourself.