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Provide for the Future, Serve the Present and Honour the Past.

Campaign Ended June 15, 2019
For the past 35 years Homer Watson House & Gallery has been engaging and serving the Waterloo Region with efforts to preserve and celebrate the legacy of Homer Watson’s creative spirit by stimulating the appreciation, enjoyments and practice of the visual arts.
So why does this matter?  
Amongst community, seniors’ groups and the general public, one of the main audiences we serve is school aged children, making up 25% of our patrons and program registrants.  We believe that the appreciation, enjoyment and practice of the visual arts begins at an early age and the benefits to the child is the reason we strive to offer high quality programming and encourage community engagement.  
According to a Princeton University study on children’s arts education conducted by Joshua Guetzkow, engagement in creative activity appears to improve both physical and mental health and can serve as a child’s stress outlet. This is due in part to art’s ability to not only relieve stress, but its ability to strengthen social bonds. Because art is kinesthetic, visual and auditory, it has the potential to keep all types of learners engaged and makes for an enjoyable way to relieve stress and pent up energy. 
Visual arts can also improve a child’s perception of their own talent and boost self-esteem. By providing a creative means of expression that has no limitations, children often develop a sense of pride and accomplishment as a result of their work. Homer Watson House & Gallery proudly offers visual art programs that lead to improved mental health and higher self-esteem. 
Through our wide array of March Break Camps, Summer Camps, Holiday Art Camps, PA Day Programs, Community Outreach Programs as well as evening and weekend classes, the Gallery provides a venue for visual art education throughout the year; we aim to foster the skills necessary to become a fulfilled individual. 
Your donations will assist us in continuing the legacy of Homer Watson and continuing to serve our community through meaningful and beneficial programming. We are grateful for the ongoing support we receive in so many ways from our community, but we need your help. Donations and support are vital in ensuring lasting valuable engagement with our community. We look forward to getting to know you and for your ongoing support.
Over the past 20 years...
  • We have served over 107,000 program participants ranging from toddlers to seniors, including those on the autism spectrum and those with physical and developmental delays.
  • We have welcomed over 114,000 patrons that have visited to view our contemporary and historic exhibits.
  • We have educated over 20,000 students of public, separate, private and homeschool classes along with community groups from girl guides to senior’s centres.
  • We have have employed, contracted, or exhibited over 1,800 practicing local artists.
  • Most significantly, we have preserved an important component of history and shared Homer Watson’s legacy with this community.
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