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Student Scholarships at Bethlehem Bible College

Campaign Ends May 24, 2020

We want to provide scholarships for students like Mira (who is an online student):

Mira’s journey following Christ has been no easy endeavour. Coming to faith and seeking a way to study the Scripture, she found Bethlehem Bible College’s Online Biblical Studies Program (BethBC). Fleeing her country because of religious persecution, Mira found herself in a foreign place seeking community and belonging. Her story is laced with rejection and difficulty, but nevertheless, she persisted in pursuing the Lord and her coursework through BethBC.

Ultimately, she found a community of believers to grow alongside. Though she suffered persecution at the hands of her family and home community, Mira relied on the strength and comfort of the Lord to guide her. She continues to live as a light to those around her!

Bethlehem Bible College campus student, Nicholas, was asked how his studies are changing him. He replied:

  • My way of treating others
  • My relief in what’s happening tomorrow
  • My mind in understanding the world’s problems
  • My work (family business)
  • My prayers to God are rising
  • The responsibility I feel about helping others and understanding people in life, which gives us more time to think about what to do or to say
  • Feeling more powerful because I know now that God would never just leave us alone

BethBC student Noret says, "I want to build a ministry called 'Al Maser.' That means “where will your end be when you die.”  It has been my vision since I was 17 years old. It is a service for missionary young men and women who pray and preach in the name of the Lord, especially to Muslims."

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