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Why dont they just leave... year end campaign

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Why dont they just leave... year end campaign

Why don’t they just leave? 

When you think of sex trafficking what likely comes to mind is what you have seen in Hollywood or the media. Contrary to what Hollywood portrays, many trafficked individuals have the freedom to come and go but, in most cases, are perpetually drawn back to their trafficker through emotional and mental manipulation.  

It is so hard to leave a life of being sexually exploited and trafficked. It comes with complexities that, when living a life of crisis, are difficult to unravel on their own. But when they realize they want to get out, will you make sure there is a bed waiting for them? 

Cheri, up until the age of 15, was a young gal that flourished. She was top of her class in school and was a peer counselor. She played sports, was involved in her community, and played piano and flute. 

But at age 15 things changed.  

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