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When Tina was five, she got stuck in a tree.

It was her first time climbing my favorite tree, old and gnarled, perfect for climbing. I coached her step-by-step, where to put her foot, when to let go, slowly getting closer to the ground.

She jumped down and ran to me. I felt like a hero.

When she was 11, she fell off her bike on the way home from school. Riding in front, I heard a crash and shrill scream. I looked behind me and her hair was covered in dirt, her hands scratched and already bleeding. I helped her up and we hobbled home.

I helped by being there.

Later in life, Tina and I were both in university. My doorbell rang late on a stormy night. There stood Tina, soaking and upset. “I can’t find my keys anywhere. Can I stay here tonight?” I gave her a hug. “Thank you” she whispered.

As Tina’s big brother, I’ve been there to help her. Tina knows she can count on me.

Then one day I got a phone call. It was Tina. She told me she’d been diagnosed with cancer.

I promised to stand by her side, but what does that mean?

It means being there for her. Family is always there.

Today I’m asking you to be a special part of the HopeSpring Family, the “Circle of Hope.”

They are committed to being there for those in need of HopeSpring’s programs and services all year round by donating monthly rather than once a year.

Being in the Circle of Hope means your donation is spread out over the year and will make more impact because HopeSpring can count on you.Monthly donations enable you and HopeSpring to plan for the year, meaning that your dollar goes farther.

With a monthly giving plan you don’t have to remember to make your donation or track receipts. You can easily set up your donations how you want, and cancel at any time.

One thing is for certain – as a Circle of Hope member we know you are there for all of the cancer patients, caregivers and families at HopeSpring.

Today Tina is living with cancer, and I’m with her every step of the way. Because family is there for each other - every day and every hour. We come to HopeSpring together often and are so grateful for the support you are already giving.

Can we count on you to be there? Be part of the HopeSpring Circle of Hope family?

I hope so.

With Thanks,

Tina’s brother Mark

P.S – Every Circle of Hope member receives HopeSpring’s quarterly newsletter, keeping you up-to-date on all of the plans and programs so you know exactly how your donation makes a difference.