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COVID-19 Response

Hospice Dufferin ‘s response to COVID-19 is multifaceted.

Twenty- six percent of our current clients have asked for increased social and supportive counselling during this time. We have responded with opening private social media pages, online meetings, food drop offs and virtual counselling sessions with a social worker.

We have been asked by the local medical teams of physicians and community nurses to institute a telephone check-in safety net for palliative clients in our OHT to ensure that no patient and their family falls through the cracks as the health system providers become stretched to capacity and potentially become ill themselves.

Our agency will be there as families’ face the reality of being unable to be at a loved one’s hospital death. We are preparing to work with the complicated grief of families as a result of this pandemic.

Our Social worker is available to the community team of nurses, coordinators, and volunteers in our community to provide them with emotional support during this unprecedented time of community stress.