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HOTT Play Space

Update: April 5, 2016

The place space has begun to take shape!  We hope to have it completed before the end of spring 2016, so that many of the kids and families who live in the building can enjoy the new space all summer long and beyond.  Thank you to everyone who has donated towards this project, so far.  We still need your help to meet the fundraising goal, however.  Please donate or share this campaign with your networks -  a simple share can go a long way.


The HOTT team

Why do we want to create a play space?

We house and support individuals and families who have lived the realities of having no home and have faced the associated stigma of being homeless. It is difficult for children who have previously been in these situations to once again play freely and explore the world around them. Your support will help us to create an outside children’s play space at HOTT’s largest apartment building, which many families now call home. 

What will the play space and equipment look like?

The location of the reclaimed space next to the apartment building is perfect. Even though small, it will be a space where children can explore their creativity and imagination in a safe environment. The built in features, which will be of good quality and made to last for many years, will be a child-sized playhouse, a sandbox with a balancing game surround, a large chalkboard and recycled rubber ground surfacing. The children’s much desired add-ons will be a basketball hoop, water table, activity panels, a vertical garden and a toys storage box. Well OK, the last one was the parents’ desire!

Why will it cost $25,000?

The major cost is actually because of the removal of the existing unsafe ground and the preparation of the new ground surface. Also we are regulated to install approved play equipment. We are also not allowed to utilize off-the-shelf play equipment kits that families who live in houses may buy for themselves. The children are excited to have their own outdoor play space where they will be able to play together and build lasting friendships. Please help their vision become a reality by making a financial donation towards the safe recreational space for this group of children and the ones who will come after them.

Please take a look at our video below. Thanks!

$1,775 raised out of $25,000 goal

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