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Christmas Food Baskets

Campaign Ended Dec. 8, 2019

Pastor Saleem Shalash is an Arab Christian Pastor who lives in Nazareth Israel. He loves Jesus, Israel and the Jewish people too.

Pastor Saleem visited Canada in October last year with his 18-year-old son Sleman who was invited to share his experiences growing up in Nazareth (where it is only 3% Evangelical Christian) to youth groups in both Pickering and Brantford Ontario. While he was with us, Pastor Saleem was able to speak to Pastors at a prayer breakfast, participate in a day of TV taping for Inside Israel with ICEJ Canada, speak at the Friends of Jesus Christ Church and Catch The Fire in Toronto and even do a radio interview on the Mini Moore show while they were in Brantford.

During his time with us we discovered that his church, The Home of Jesus the King Church does multiple projects during the year to reach out in love to all people in need regardless of their religion.

For Christmas last year the church distributed 140 food baskets to poor families in the areas of Nazareth and Haifa.

Their main goal is not to just feed the body, but to also feed the spirit so the baskets include Bibles, study guide books and an evangelism message with the title “where will you spend your eternity?”

The food baskets are very appreciated and the people will read the books and the message of salvation that the church made for them.

They are praying that the lord will multiply the number of the Christmas baskets to 300 in 2019 by the grace of Jesus Christ.

If you can help, please send a special Christmas donation, any amount will truly make a difference.

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