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Campaign Ends April 30, 2020

In 2009, ICEJ began a partnership with the local charity to provide a Home especially for lonely survivors. It offers attractive assisted-living facilities and a warm family environment. The Haifa Home continues to be a significant and vital project. It is a partnership in the true sense of the word, with a warm and trusting relationship existing between the Israeli staff, residents, volunteers, and the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. 

The Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors is a community that is comprised of 2 main social & admin buildings and many apartments in over 10 low rise buildings on 3 streets. Due to this extraordinary Home with many old buildings and apartments there is a constant need for maintenance and reconstruction to adapt to the changing needs of an aging population.  

At this time volunteers are completing the renovations on newly acquired buildings, and a one of a kind hospice where our dear residents will be able to live out their lives in the midst of their loving familiar surroundings.

Please watch the most recent 5 minute video below on Project Upgrade - Volunteers

Yudit Setz, our ICEJ Aid Deputy Director and coordinator for the Haifa Home moved to Haifa with her husband Will in July of 2018, the residents were so happy to welcome them. Being fully engaged with the Haifa Home, she has been able to build an infrastructure for volunteer service and strengthen our wonderful partnership. Yudit reports:

Christians from the ends of the earth have heard about the Haifa Home and schedule a visit to see this special place with their own eyes. Often when they leave, they are deeply touched by what they heard and saw. Our on-site museum, which is always part of the program for groups, gives another glimpse into the lives of our residents during that dark time of the Holocaust. One of the recent visitors shared that "this was a very special time. I have read and I was taught so much about the Holocaust, but now hearing it first hand and seeing the stories, it makes such a difference. It impacted me deeply and I feel the urge to share this with my friends."

We are so thankful for all the volunteers who have dedicated their time in the past year.

ICEJ Canada actively supports the Haifa Home by providing funds for the exorbitant electricity & utilities costs. We have dedicated this special Campaign to ensure that these wonderful people can live out their final years in comfort and with compassion.

Would you prayerfully consider making a donation of any size to help? 

God bless you!

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