Sunrise Performing Arts Centre of Excellence (the SPACE) Inc.

Registered Name: Sunrise Performing Arts Centre of Excellence (the SPACE) Inc.

Business Number: 865734107RR0001

The SPACE is a not-for profit charitable organization that brings the world of performing arts to people of all ages in the RM of Springfield and surrounding area.  As a not-for-profit charitable organization, the SPACE is run by the community for the community and is dedicated to engaging our youth, our adults and our seniors with performing arts.  But it's not just about learning to dance or act or sing: the SPACE is a place for self-discovery.  It's a place where young people learn to turn dreams into attainable goals; a place where seniors can stay active both physically and mentally; a place where the feelings and energy within oneself can be expressed through movement and voice and other performing arts.  Through our 20 years of program delivery we have witnessed first-hand the power that performing arts has in developing our youth and keeping our seniors active and engaged. 

Some Popular Q & A

What services does the SPACE offer? Recreational & higher educational performing arts classes and workshops to preschool, youth, adults, seniors, individuals with mental & physical disabilities, and low-income families throughout our community, teacher mentorship and training, and youth summer camps.

What makes the SPACE a charity?  There are many different kinds of charities.  Some of the more well known charities are medically and socially based.  The SPACE is an educational charity specializing in performing arts.  Just as other charities have very important roles in furthering medical and social aspects in our society, educational charities empower people with greater knowledge and exposure opening the door to new opportunities and different ways of thinking.

How does Performing Arts make a difference in our community?  Performing arts not only keeps people of all abilities and ages active mentally and physically, it provides an outlet for emotional expression both for participants and spectators. There have been many studies showing the impact of performing arts showing how it:

-Improves academic performanceamong youth

-Lowered crime rates among youth

-Engaged seniors and people with a variety of disabilities (increasing socialization, expression and self-worth)

-And even impedes aging!  Dr. Gene Cohen, director of George Washington University's Center on Aging, Health and Humanities reports that seniors involved in performing arts have better overall physical health and fewer doctors' visits.  Also they reported that seniors have fewer falls and better scores on depression and loneliness scales. Cohen noted that arts participation had a positive impact on maintaining elders' independence and appeared to reduce "risk factors that drive the need for long-term care."

How will my donation be spent? 100% of your donation will go into the SPACE Main Operating Account where it could go towards our facility, programming, senior programs, youth summer camps, special needs programs, low-income assistance, remote outreach workshops and much more. Visit the Canada Revenue Charity Database at to see our detailed Accounting Summary

Where can I find more information about the SPACE? Visit our website for more information on our services, history and organization.  Feel free to contact us through email or phone if you have any questions.

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