FIRST UNITED CHURCH, Fort Saskatchewan, AB


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Our Mission

Vision and Mission

In fall 2009, First United Church adopted the following vision statement and re-affirmed our mission statement.

The vision upholds the current image for our church in which we strive to live out the mission. It came about from congregational discernment and reflects the the kind of people we aim to be and become, led by the grace of God.

Our Vision

To be a community that welcomes all to explore their faith, as together we strive to become deeply committed Christians who reflect the Light of God in all aspects of their lives.

The mission statement names what our church community exists to do.

Our Mission Statement

We are a Christian Fellowship where all people are welcome and respected. We reach out through service and witness. We provide dynamic worship, education and mission opportunities. We are committed to creating a learning community with Christ as our example. We are called to be spiritual leaders sharing individual gifts and talents according to God's will. We are challenged and encouraged to celebrate Christ with faith and hope.

About FIRST UNITED CHURCH, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

On behalf of the community at First United, welcome! We are sincerely glad you're exploring our church community and ministries. First United does not claim to be a perfect church; rather we are a church discovering God, one another in community and ourselves as ‘humans being‘ called to life abundant. We are an inter-generational, faith exploring, dynamic worshipping church in Fort Saskatchewan striving to be an incarnational presence of God’s Light! Our ethos is not about coercing you into a connection with God or the First United community but about welcoming and encouraging you on a journey involving honest conversations concerning our relationship with God, neighbors, city, and our global community. We are part of an adventure with God to show our investment in people, the community and God's world. This community is learning about our faith and getting excited about the positive changes it opens within us. If you have any questions, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

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