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Our Mission

For over 45 years working in the inner city of Edmonton our mission has been to serve, support and empower people to take control of their lives and escape the fearful experience of poverty and homelessness. There is no “one size fits all” programming, each of the services we provide is tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual client.

We help build the path from survival to wellness through respect, support, empowerment, connections to services. We provide a place of safety and peace in an environment of acceptance and recognition of cultural differences. At Boyle Street we believe in “All people growing healthier through involvement in strong, accepting, and respectful communities.”

We are well regarded by the community at large and in particular the aboriginal community for providing accessible and culturally relevant services.


From its origins as an inner city outreach unit called the Boyle Street Co-op, we have grown into a multi-service community centre that is accessed by people living in poverty throughout the City of Edmonton. We have a 45+ year reputation for helping people who are disadvantaged to manage the multiple problems they face. Many of our clients are Aboriginal; others are new Canadians. They share the culture of poverty; the stigma of marginalization; and the yearning to enhance their lives.

Boyle Street is committed to a community-based approach that builds on people’s capacities and strengthens communities. We offer a continuum of programs that assist people to meet their basic needs, build social support systems, and exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens. We provide an entry point for people experiencing cultural, economic, social, emotional and/or physical disadvantages. Boyle Street is a unique place of caring, service and respect.

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