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Our Mission

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre creates vital Canadian theatre by developing and presenting voices that question sexual and cultural norms. Built on the political and social principles of queer liberation, Buddies supports artists and works that reflect and advance these values. As the world’s longest-running and largest queer theatre, Buddies is uniquely positioned to develop, promote, and preserve stories and perspectives that are challenging and alternative. Buddies achieves artistic excellence through its mainstage season programming, artist-residency program, and youth-based initiatives. Buddies serves a broad segment of the population who share a passion for theatre that celebrates difference.


Established in 1979, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is the world's largest and longest-running queer theatre. We are proud to be Toronto’s leading destination for artistically-rigorous, alternative theatre and a world leader in developing queer voices and stories for the stage.

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre has identified three core values that serve as guiding pillars for all our activities and operations.

DIFFERENCE: With our art, we simultaneously celebrate difference and question the mechanisms through which differences are constructed and maintained.

EXCELLENCE: We provide our audiences with unforgettable theatre experiences, and we give our artists and staff the resources they need to achieve the highest standards of excellence.

COMMUNITY: We believe that the theatre plays a vital role in the educational, social, and economic health of a community.

What People Are Saying

"It is up to those of us who believe in Buddies’ values and mission to support what is arguably one of Canada’s national treasures."

— Ed Cabell & Roy Forrester, Buddies Donors

"Buddies is the beating heart and artistic soul of the queer community in Toronto, I am so grateful for this safe and special space."

— Justin Haley, Buddies Donor

"We are culturally validated through the sharing of our stories and I am incredibly grateful that Buddies does the important work of sharing the stories of our community. I can go to Buddies and say ‘I am recognized, I exist’ and there is life in that. "

— Justen Bennett, Buddies Donor

"Being Artists in Residence at Buddies meant that we knew we always had a home. We knew that our work would be seen… We were given an opportunity not only to tell our own stories, but to tell them how we wanted to tell them. "

— Damien Atkins, Paul Dunn & Andrew Kushnir, Gay Heritage Project

"Buddies has & continues to be a space that not only recognizes and celebrates queer artists, but also cultivates & nourishes their careers. Buddies is a safe space for the others, for the daring & wild-hearted. I would not be the fearless artist I am today if Buddies hadn’t been in my corner "

— Tyson James, Youth Program Participant

"The experience of theatre doesn't stop when the curtain comes down. Buddies consistently puts on shows that are brave, bold and that challenge the audience to think, which keeps the experience alive long after the run of a production comes to a close. "

— Sarah Bezanson, Buddies Donor

"Buddies has served as a beacon for hundreds of queer kids across the country who heard there was ‘this gay theatre in Toronto’ and because of that there was hope"

— Wes Pearce, Buddies Donor

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