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The Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) brings the Canadian global health community together to better achieve a shared goal of improving health worldwide. 

CSIH accomplishes its mission by providing spaces for its members and the broader Canadian global health community to share knowledge and build partnerships, by improving health systems through international projects, and by preparing future global health leaders. 

Strategic Focus 

Convening the Canadian global health community

CSIH enables global health practitioners, researchers, educators, policy makers, and community advocates to exchange information and learning and foster strategic alliances and collaborative endeavours.  

CSIH also coordinates and supports national and international networks on issues of global public health importance that align with the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Some examples of our work in this area include public engagement activities, a resource library, the Canadian Conference on Global Health, and the Hep C Network. 

Improving health systems  

Outside of Canada, CSIH works on projects that assist Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) to strengthen their health systems by improving their technical processes and training healthcare personnel.  

CSIH has extensive experience planning and implementing health sector projects in LMICs in Latin America, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, in collaboration with local partners. CSIH has worked in areas such as health sector reform, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, child and youth health, and national health promotion. 

Developing leaders  

CSIH places a special focus on the needs of students and young professionals in the field of global health. Through a program of mentoring by seasoned experts, SYPS are trained as future leaders while bringing their own fresh perspective to the discussion. 

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