Somerset West Community Health Centre


Business Number: 118881671RR0001

Our Mission

Somerset West Community Health Centre exists to help the residents of West-Central Ottawa achieve optimal health and social well-being. Special attention is given to those who have additional needs because of income, language, culture, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, family composition, disability or other factors and as a result have difficulties accessing primary health care or social services.


Several fundamental beliefs guide the operation of our organization:

1. The social, political and economic structures of society set societal values. This dictates the status assigned to different groups of people, allowing some to flourish, while constraining others.

2. Diversity enriches the community in which we live and work. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, have equal opportunities and an environment free from discrimination or harassment for any reason.

3. Quality of life in the community is determined by the people, the environment and the interaction between them. Therefore, people can affect change in their lives by action at the community level

4. All individuals have the ability to grow, develop, contribute and take responsibility for their own lives to the fullest extent possible.

5. People are most effectively helped by a process which empowers them to achieve self-determined goals.

About Somerset West Community Health Centre

We promote and assist change at the individual, community and social levels through the provision of quality services, community action and social advocacy.

1. Health and social services are provided directly to individuals and families to help them meet basic needs, learn new skills and enhance personal growth in an inclusive environment.

2. Through networking, planning and co-ordination with other community groups, and community development to support local community action groups, an attempt is made to resolve problems and issues affecting the community.

3. The Centre works at the local, provincial and national level in order to bring about social change that will benefit people living in the community served.

What People Are Saying

"My children & my two grandchildren have grown up in the SWCHC family. As a token of my appreciation I now volunteer at the Centre. SWCHC is a community agency that is what the epitome of health should be; only when the mind, body and spirit are treated as a whole can we truly heal, grow and develop."

— Laura Mayer, SWCHC Volunteer

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