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The Jean Tweed Centre provides services for substance use, mental health and problem gambling to women aged 16 and over and their families. The Centre is a leader in the provision of best practice services and is nationally known for the service it provides our community. It is also one of the largest facilities of its kind in Canada. The Centre’s mission is to restore each woman to a meaning life within her community.  The Centre’s vision is to be one of the most innovative, accessible and effective centre responding to the needs of women and their families.

The Jean Tweed Centre is a national leader and routinely provides consultation and direction to many other agencies in the province on all aspects of substance use services for women and their families. Each year, we provide counseling and care to over 1,700 women and their families.

Our treatment programs provide a client centred approach to healthy recovery and include; Residential & Day treatment programs, Parenting programs, Family support, a Therapeutic Child Care Centre, a Continuing Care program, Trauma counseling, Outpatient assistance and Supportive housing. The work the Centre does is ground breaking in terms of treating a woman holistically and addressing and assisting all aspects of her life that have contributed to, and or are affected by, her current substance use, mental health or gambling issues. 

Many of our services focus on the family and strengthening the relationship between women and their children.The Centre is the only treatment centre in Ontario to provide a licensed therapeutic child care centre for the children of our clients. The Centre understands one of the greatest barriers to women getting help for themselves is the ability to take their children to a safe place while they are getting treatment. The Centre does not only provide child care – we provide therapeutic treatment to the children who have been exposed to substance use either directly or indirectly. We work with the children to limit the effects of being exposed to substance use and ensure they are developing in a healthy manner.

What People Are Saying

"“You helped me see things I couldn’t see and when I wanted to give up on myself you wouldn’t give up on me. No one else has ever done that. Thank you.”"

— Former Jean Tweed Centre client

""My Counsellor supported and advocated for me and my son...never giving up on me...I don't think I can ever truly express how thankful I am that both my son and I have the Jean Tweed Centre in our lives.""

— Client of the Jean Tweed Centre

"“I ended up at the doors of the Jean Tweed Centre. There, I was given the opportunity to look at myself and change the course of my existence.”"

— Former Jean Tweed Centre client

"“I have grown in ways that you will never understand. Or should I say I could never express. I have gained my life back.”"

— Former Jean Tweed Centre client

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