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In 1975, a long-held vision to help the less fortunate of society caused one man to establish a federally registered charitable foundation called the North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF). In its initial days, its founder Mohammad Kabir Farooqui would collect $12 a year from each donor in Canada and send the amount overseas to cover the educational expense of children and youth. It is through his tireless efforts and a strong commitment that he single-handedly managed to make a difference to over 40,000 children over a span of 27 years. 

By the year 2002, the introduction of new staff and Board members into the foundation led to an increased growth and efficiency of its presence and role. Today, the North American Muslim Foundation operates in several countries around the globe and works side by side with various partner organizations, locally and globally, that share its aim to foster human dignity through sustainable development and growth. 


  • NAMF is determined to help children afflicted by a harsh and challenging environment to become positive members of society by providing them with growth opportunities and care. 
  • NAMF strongly believes in imparting dignity and respect to the underprivileged by providing opportunities for the acquisition of proper education and professional skills. 
  • We are devoted to sound management practices by fully deploying its resources towards its various programs and services and constantly seeking ways to improve the efficiency-level of its operations. 
  • NAMF is committed towards formation of partnerships with other community-based organizations, locally and globally, with the aim to foster an environment that generates a just and visionary leadership.

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