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Our Mission

Special Olympics Ontario is part of a dynamic, worldwide charitable organization, striving to provide year-round sports training and athletic competition for individuals with an intellectual disability.  


Special Olympics Ontario is dedicated to enriching the lives of individuals with an intellectual disability through active participation in sport. The Special Olympics' movement serves over 5 million athletes in more than 170 countries worldwide. Athletes may train to become coaches, officials or mentors to fellow athletes. They also have the opportunity to train to be a spokesperson about the Special Olympics movement. Athletes gain confidence as the result of achievement.

Special Olympics believes people with intellectual disabilities can and will succeed when given the opportunity. Our organization provides a positive and supportive environment for participants to learn new skills at their own pace while making new friends and building self-esteem.

Special Olympics Ontario is recognized provincially as a multi-sport organization. For every dollar raised, more than 80 percent directly supports community programs. Our organization delivers world-class sport programs to people with intellectual disabilities daily in communities across the province. Programs are organized and run by thousands of dedicated volunteers. They ensure athletes improve physical, social and cognitive skills. It is in the hometowns that lives are changed, barriers are broken down and the joys of sportsmanship and camaraderie of teammates is best witnessed.


What People Are Saying

"The connection to Special Olympics Ontario has given (my daughter) an opportunity to shine. We've seen her confidence and ability grow and she has no fear now."

— Mary Lisi - Parent of Special Olympics Athlete

"It is so hard to put into words – the look on the athletes’ faces is worth the entire world to me. Many of my friends who had volunteered also became coaches. We always looked forward to Tuesday evenings with the athletes. The hugs from athletes... I can only explain as unconditional love."

— Aly Champsi - Coach and Sibling of Special Olympics Athlete

"Every time Ashley steps onto the ice, she is transported to a special place where she is free to be herself. Skating has been a positive force in my daughter’s life. It has instilled in her belief that she can do anything, and nothing can keep her from realizing her dreams, including epilepsy."

— Debbie May - Parent of Special Olympics Athlete

"The relationships I’ve developed with the athletes and coaches over the past 10 years are some of the most special ones I have. It’s very rewarding to help athletes achieve their goals and have fun while doing so. I look forward to the start of a new season just as much as the other athletes do."

— Michael Douglas - Athlete

"As a parent I know that my son plays his heart out week after week. This is not just an event or a form of recreation for him; it's been a life changing experience! To Adam, it doesn't really matter if his team wins or loses a game. He is just delighted to be a part of Special Olympics. "

— Jay Whaley - Coach/Parent of Special Olympics Athlete

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