Registered Name: ST JOHN'S COLLEGE

Business Number: 119180495RR0001


St John's College is a small, Anglican College located on the University of Manitoba campus in Winnipeg. St John's College was officially opened by Bishop Robert Machray on November 1, 1866 but the College's roots lie in the early years of the Red River Settlement.

In 1877 St John's College, St Boniface College and the Manitoba College became the founding colleges in the University of Manitoba; however, the College has maintained its strong connection to the Anglican Church.

Our Mission

St John’s College is founded on the principles of unity and as a result seeks to foster an internal and external communal environment that unifies both students, members, and the public. In addition, the College supports the promotion of student experience, service, and success, as it focuses on the delivery of a collaborative and innovative post-secondary education engulfing its vision and values.

Initiatives pursued by the St John’s College include:

  • Academic Enhancement
  • Supporting and Developing the Fellowship
  • Student Facility Creation and Maintenance
  • Healthy Community
  • Individual Development
  • Embracing diversity
  • Advocation for Social Justice and Human Rights.

What People Are Saying

"St John's is a smaller community with a lot of opportunities and support."

— Lukas Gribbin, 3rd year Science

"St Johns College has a strong sense of community and a warm welcoming environment."

— Kristin Luedtke, 3rd year Nursing

"The college has also opened the door for me to partake in activities on campus that aren’t solely academic."

— Robert Plischke, University 1

"St John’s College has helped me get out the room, and make friends with other students, professors, and staff. With the encouragement I am more involved in life than I was before."

— Xuejing Jiang '17, Graduate Studies

"St John’s College has given me opportunities and support throughout my education that has allowed me to be where I am today."

— Alexander Schultz, 2nd year Medicine

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