The Church of St. John the Evangelist


Business Number: 119182384RR0002

The Church of St. John the Evangelist is an Anglican parish of the Diocese of Montreal, located in a landmark builiding in the Quartier-des-Spectacles in downtown Montreal, through which it enjoys an active and joyful relationship with the artistic and musical community of the city. At least one mass is offered every day, and on Sundays and major feasts, the parish celebrates a beautiful solemn Mass in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. 

St. John's is home to St. Michael's Mission, an independent organization that provides food and other essentials to homeless men and women in Montreal. Reflecting the importance of art and music in the lives of our parishioners and our own worship, our parish supports a therapeutic art and music program for clients of the mission: Red Roof Community Music. It is our belief and our hope that art and music can transcend the boundaries of our society, and is a means through which all people might experience healing, self-expression, and communion with God and with one another.

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