Dufferin Child and Family Services


Business Number: 107268773RR0001

Dufferin Child and Family Services

is a multi-service agency providing child and youth mental health, child protection, and developmental support services.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: to be a partner, resource and leader in supporting and building on the strengths of children, adults and families in our community.

Vision: strong and resilient children, adults and families supported within a safe and welcoming community.

Dufferin Children's Fund

Dufferin Child and Family Services (DCAFS) receives government funding for its core services, but there are always additional needs that arise and extra support that is essential to assist those we work with.

Dufferin Children’s Fund (DCF) raises money for these additional supports to improve the lives of children, youth and families receiving service from Dufferin Child and Family Services.

Dufferin Children’s Fund has three priorities:

Youth Futures: to support our youth in their educational pursuits and life goals through post-secondary education, trade apprenticeship programs or job training and employment needs such as tools or equipment. These funds help youth to make a successful transition to adulthood and reach their full potential to be anything they set out to be.

Social Growth and Development: to enable children and youth to participate in recreational, creative, social, skill development or educational activities and lessons that would not otherwise be possible for them and that contribute to their development.

Health and Wellness: to support our children and families in ways that enhance their health and wellness. This could include purchasing necessary medical equipment or supplies, paying for special nutritional requirements, needed assessments or clinical support. Funds might help parents by providing respite to give families needed breaks from caregiving.

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