Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs (FRP Canada)

Registered Name: Families Canada / Familles Canada

Business Number: 125224519RR0001


FRP Canada is a national organization that seeks to build a vibrant network of people and organizations who share a commitment to health and wellness, community development and family well-being.


FRP Canada promotes family and community capacity building in Canada.  Founded in 1975 as the Canadian Association of Toy Libraries, FRP Canada has evolved into a pan-Canadian association providing leadership training and research into topics such as child and family development, early learning, family support, literacy, and other topics critical to healthy Canadian families. FRP Canada has over 500 member organizations; family resource programs providing services to 2000 communities reaching over 500,000 families across Canada. 


Participation at family resource programs is voluntary and open to all families from diverse backgrounds and life circumstances. Family resource programs enhance child and family well-being by reducing the isolation of parents with infants, toddlers and preschoolers, by providing information and resources that encourage healthy child development and positive parenting, and by being convenient access points to other community services.

Family resource programs deliver a range of services guided by principles that focus on building supportive relationships, facilitating growth, respecting diversity and furthering community development.


  1. Open to all families, recognizing that all families deserve support.
  2. Complement existing services, build networks and linkages, and advocate for policies, services and systems that support families’ abilities to raise healthy children.
  3. Work in partnership with families and communities to meet expressed needs.
  4. Focus on the promotion of wellness and use a prevention approach in our work. 
  5. Work to increase opportunities and to strengthen individuals, families and communities.
  6. Operate from an ecological perspective that recognizes the interdependent nature of families’ lives.
  7. Value and encourage mutual assistance and peer support. 
  8. Affirm parenting to be a life-long learning process.
  9. Value the voluntary nature of participation in our services.
  10. Promote relationships based on equality and respect for diversity.
  11. Advocate non-violence to ensure safety and security for all family members.
  12. Continually seek to improve our practice by reflecting on what we do and how we do it.

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