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Our Mission

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa is devoted to helping women and female youth who are, or may be, at risk of coming into conflict with the law. We offer a variety of different programs and services to provide women with confidential and supportive living and learning environments.

Values and Guiding Principles

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa is a feminist organization committed to the following values:

To take a systemic focus to programming by working in partnerships with the greater community in which our clients live, and by taking a holistic approach to policies and programming.

To work from a human rights and anti-oppression perspective, the organization’s focus is client-centered and works to empower our clients to meet their own needs.

To promote a respectful, diverse and inclusive environment for clients especially for those who are marginalized.

To recruit and retain qualified employees and to ensure that the organization offers working conditions and compensation that is reflective of the not-for-profit sector and adequately reflects the skills of our employees.

To earn the respect of our partners and clients by providing a comprehensive and professional approach that includes best practices in the delivery of programming.


The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa is a leader in social equity and a voice for social change. We provide comprehensive and holistic programming and are accountable to clients, funders, members and the greater community.


The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa offers assistance and support to women and young women in the justice system, particularly those who are, or may be criminalized. The needs and circumstances that lead women into conflict with the law are different from those of men as a result, responses of the criminal justice system and community services and supports must be unique as well. The majority of incarcerated women are in prison because of crimes driven by poverty and social issues. Some of the many confidential programs and services offered to women include the following:

-Individual and group counseling

-Court-related support and information

-Court-related programming (diversion)

-Community reintegration planning and counseling

-Prison outreach

-Housing and residential programs

-Anger Management and healthy life choices

-Theft prevention programming

-Sex trade outreach programming

-Youth services programming

-Youth reintegration counselling

What People Are Saying

"I'd be dead or in jail if it wasn't for Efry. I'm at the beginning of my journey now and I'm excited to see it and feel it sober."

— Client - see Edna's story on our website, Read More

"I remember how people at Efry Ottawa got me mental health treatment and good support. They helped guide me through a complex trial... Now I volunteer at a woman's shelter to help people the way I was helped."

— Clare, Efry Ottawa Client, Read More

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