Church of the Epiphany, Anglican

Registered Name: The Church of the Epiphany

Business Number: 130626260RR0002

Some would ask "What must I do to inherit the kingdom of heaven?" At Epiphany, we believe we already have inherited it (this is what the cross and Good Friday were all about) and so we behave as if we are already part of that great kingdom Jesus spoke about. We accept you as you are and celebrate our common life in our reflective and study times, our social time and of course, in our liturgies (the acts of worship). If you genuinely would like to make and keep friends from all walks of life, belong to a community of intelligent, responsible and caring people, and explore God's diverse ways of entering into humanity, then you have found a spiritual home at Epiphany. Come on in an pull up a chair (or a pew) it is that simple. Come to one of our services, call us, or drop by some weekday for a visit, we would be happy to see you and answer your questions.

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