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Scarborough Arts is a non-profit organization and the only arts organization of its kind specifically serving the Scarborough community by bringing individuals and groups together to create and cultivate innovative arts and cultural programs in Scarborough. Founded in 1978, Scarborough Arts was established under the name Arts Scarborough to promote artistic growth in the community. Scarborough Arts has served the community through the arts for over 35 years, delivering fresh and innovative programs and services that enhance the cultural life of Scarborough.

What People Are Saying

"This experience awakened many sleeping memories. How satisfying to relive them by writing them down. Sharing stories and poems with the like-minded seniors made a cold, long winter palatable. My sincere thanks and congratulations to Scarborough Arts for their wonderful effort. "

— Scarborough Seniors Write Project

"The partnership of RISE with EAST, at least from the participants' perspective, is beneficial: We get recording experience, an introduction to Toronto's poetry scene, and creative writing mentorship… I'm happy I got a lot from this program, most of which I'll realize later rather than sooner. "

— Scarborough Arts EAST Youth Participant

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